Thrive Collective Affiliate Program

At Thrive Collective, our goal is to build a community of affiliates and offer value to them with all of our platforms. Thrive Collective over the last 7 years has built a supportive community of creatives across 5 countries and want you to join and help others #Thrive. The growing portfolio of platforms include:-

ThriveINAPP - A community app for creatives to find each other, jobs and collaboration.

Keepcre8ing - Online store offering creative supplies, tools and equipment.

Thrive Talents - Talent management and agency.

ThriveIN events - Networking and showcasing events

KeepthriveIN - Magazine, Podcast, Master Classes, Courses and more (Coming Soon)

Here are some highlights of our affiliate program:

  • Join in profit share after 1 year together
  • Up to 12% commission on all sales (over $100USD*)
  • Get and offer 15% off to friends, followers and family
  • FREE Premium subscription at ThriveIN APP
  • Get featured in
  • Membership level - Silver
  • Discounts and FREE access to events, gifts and VIP experiences

Contact us to find out more details and see if your qualify to join this exclusive community.